Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash

Coming in a Limited Edition bottle, Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash is a real thirst quencher with a distinctive melon flavour that tastes just as good on the rocks or as a chilled shot as it does in a delicious rum cocktail. It’s also gluten free.

The refreshing scent of the ocean air and the many exotic islands the Captain and his men have explored inspired him to create Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash.

His band of salty sea dogs always search for treasures made of both gold and liquor to keep them dreaming of lush tropical islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, while they navigate through stormier times at sea.

Sweet notes of molasses found in smooth Captain Morgan White Rum merge effortlessly with rich and juicy watermelon to create the ideal rum cocktail refreshment to keep their hopes high and for the Captain to dive into on his days off.

Perfect forWatermelon Mojito

A tantalising twist on the classic cocktail, featuring Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash.

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