Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum

The delights of Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum combine all of the Captain’s favourite treasures in a rare blend of crisp white rum and the best flavours from the New World.

A few things always make life worthwhile for the Captain. The sight of gold medallions dazzling in a wooden chest; the sun glistening on an impossibly blue ocean; lying in the soft sand under a swaying palm tree; and of course, the taste of a fresh bottle of rum.

Lighter than Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum uses the finest white rum that’s been distilled multiple times and infused with spices. A caramel aftertaste makes it one to enjoy both on the rocks or as part of a classic white rum cocktail.

Perfect forTester's Delight

A delicious test recipe that combines Captain Morgan and Umbraco together for a winning combination.

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