Captain Morgan Loconut

This combination of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and spice is one of the Captain’s favourite rum drinks. Gluten free Loconut Rum is the next level up for coconut-loving privateers.

It’s no secret that the Captain loves the exotic fruits and flavours of the Caribbean.

While many believe coconuts belong on palm trees, the Captain knows they belong in a good rum. Specifically, in his concoction of coconut liqueur, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and spices.

Loconut features exotic coconut, smooth white rum and hints of spice collide to make the ultimate tropical tipple that’s even gluten free. It’s perfect just as it is or with an extra dash of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold or vanilla flavoured liqueur. Scratch and sniff the bottle for a wave of tropical delights.

Be warned though: your longing for its impossibly creamy flavour may just drive you loco.

Perfect forCoquito

A festive-fusion of two of the Captain's tipples plus creamy coconut and spices.

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