Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum

Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum combines the zingy, fresh and natural fruit flavours of ruby red grapefruit with a hint of tropical fruit and a touch of molasses. It has an unmistakable rum afterglow and is the perfect tipple to watch the sun set over tropical palm trees.

There’s nothing the Captain loves more than a sweet Caribbean sunset welcoming him back from his adventures across the ocean and islands of this tropical paradise.

And he simply has to enjoy it with his Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum – the real taste of a summer’s sunset in a bottle.

Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum is a perfect balance of ruby red grapefruit (that’s always ripe and juicy) with a hint of tropical fruit and delicate background notes of molasses. You’ll find the Captain’s tipple slightly tart due to its natural fruit flavours, but always refreshingly crisp and divine.

Perfect forTester's Delight

A delicious test recipe that combines Captain Morgan and Umbraco together for a winning combination.

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