Captain Morgan White Rum

Captain Morgan White Rum is created from the finest blend of Caribbean rums to create a crisp, clean and refreshing rum that is always worthy of the Captain’s attention.

When it comes to dropping anchor in secluded Caribbean coves for a night of revelry, salty sea dogs can’t let their hair down with just any old grog. It simply has to be the best crisp and clear white rum.

Captain Morgan White Rum is all about creating an impeccable blend of flavours, which means when it’s just right it will always form the ideal base for one of the Captain’s favourite rum cocktails or as a simple mixed drink. This flexible rum is perfect to create a classic Cuba Libre with a dash of cola, or to mix with soda or ginger ale for a mixed drink the Captain would be proud of.

For a real taste of the Caribbean drink the Captain Morgan White Rum in one of his favourite white rum cocktails. Mix with soda, lime and bruised mint leaves for a classic Cuban Mojito, create a fruity masterpiece with his perfect Planter’s Punch or sip on a Sun Kissed Captain for a true taste of the Caribbean.

Perfect forMojito

A Cuban-concoction of white rum, lime, soda, and mint leaves. 

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