Image of Original Spiced Gold

Original Spiced Gold


The original. The icon. It’s Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, flavoured with vanilla (and other natural) flavours and spice for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced flavour. Versatility is its speciality. Make it hot, make it cold, make it sweet, make it fruity or even make it creamy. Delicious possibilities are there for the making.

Tasting Notes,

Notes of rich natural vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices with hints of oak, come together to create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish.

Product Story

A secret recipe of adventurous spice & flavours that are expertly blended to create a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold doubloons.

Perfect forCaptain & Lemonade

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and lemonade unite to create a delicious burst of citrus and spiced flavour. The zing of a squeezed lemon wedge adds the perfect finishing touch to this simple but delicious drink.

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