Captain Morgan Private Stock

The mellow taste of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock Rum is reserved for only the most loyal of his shipmates and serves as a reminder that even the lowest of scallywags can achieve great riches. Enjoy with a dash of lime or serve it up in an extra smooth rum cocktail. test

The Captain always has an appreciation for the finer things in life, whether it be a chest full of pieces of eight or a bottle of mature rum.

This one comes aged for two years in oak barrels to give it woody undertones that mingle effortlessly with spices and hints of creamy vanilla. The Captain’s Private Stock Rum is a special brew of barrel matured rum that’s infused with only the finest quality ingredients. It goes down a treat on its own or makes a treasured ingredient in any rum cocktail.

Perfect forCaptain & Cola

A classic combination of the Captain, Cola and a dash of lime.

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